Minors Applying for IPOs: Eligibility and Procedure

Is a minor eligible to apply for an IPO?

Yes, a minor can apply for IPOs. The application process remains the same as for a regular Demat account holder. For a detailed step-by-step guide on the application procedure, please refer to this article.

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    • Is a minor Demat eligible for corporate actions?

      Yes, a minor can benefit from all corporate actions in his/her Demat account. These corporate actions include dividends, buybacks, rights issues, bonus issues, and stock splits. Note: While the Demat account is in the minor's name, it is managed by ...
    • What are the fees associated with a minor's account?

      For the minor's Demat account, there are no account opening charges, and we also do not levy any Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC). However, DP (Depository Participant) charges amounting to 12.5+GST will apply when selling Equity or Mutual Funds.
    • Can NRIs apply for IPOs through the FYERS account?

      Indeed, NRIs have the option to apply for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) using their FYERS Demat account, specifically by linking their NRO Non-PIS (Non-Portfolio Investment Scheme) account. This particular account streamlines the application ...
    • What is the procedure to open a minor account in FYERS?

      You, as a guardian, can now open your child’s Demat account with us, which is entirely online and paperless, provided you have a Demat account in Fyers. The procedure to do so is as below: Log in to the My Account Portal and go to the ‘Manage ...
    • Can a minor invest in the equity and mutual fund segment?

      No, minors can't buy equity shares or mutual funds in their Demat account. However, they can sell shares and mutual funds they've received through: Gifts Donations Inheritance Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Corporate actions Off-market transfers, ...