How to track positions on FYERS Web?

How to track positions on FYERS Web?

The first thing a trader wants to know as soon as he/she enters the trade is 'How to track positions'. The position of any particular scrip can be tracked on its chart itself as pictured below:

But when there are more than one position, it gets hard to track each position on their respective charts. Hence, at FYERS we provide all in one Dashboard where you can access all the required information and also track the positions of multiple scrips as pictured below:

The 'Positions' Tab will help you track all your open positions and also you can exit the positions under the same by just clicking on the 'x' beside the scrip symbol. 

There is another tab called 'All positions' where you can track your open positions as well as the closed ones which were traded during the day.

  • The Unrealized P&L denotes the Profit or Loss for your open positions and it is also called as Mark to Market (MTM) P&L.

  • The Realized P&L denotes the Profit or Loss for all your closed positions.

  • Total P&L is nothing but the sum of both Realized and Unrealized P&L.

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