How to sell my holdings using E-DIS?

How to sell my holdings using E-DIS?

Electronic Delivery Instruction Slip (EDIS) was introduced to facilitate investors to sell their holdings using a TPIN/OTP that will be sent to their Registered Mobile Number and Email ID. 
The procedure to sell the holdings using E-DIS is as below:
1. Go to the scrip you want to sell and place a Sell order in CNC, you’ll get a pop-up as shown in the image below:

2. Once you click on ‘Yes’, a pop-up window of the CDSL authorization page will appear. If you don’t know the TPIN, you can generate the same by clicking on “Forgot CDSL TPIN”.

3. A New CDSL TPIN will be generated and sent to your registered E-mail ID and mobile number by the CDSL.

4. Click on “Submit” and complete the 2-factor authentication by entering the TPIN which is sent to your registered email address and mobile number. Click on "Verify".

5. You’re required to complete the procedure by entering TPIN on the “e-DIS Transaction Verification” page.

6. Enter your TPIN and click on “Verify”. Once you Authorize, you’ll get the below confirmation message.

6. You can close this window and place the Sell orders in CNC without any hassles.

For FYERS Mobile Application, the procedure for Pre-Authorization will be the same and the display will look similar to the image below:

 For more information on E-DIS, refer to this blog.

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