How to resolve API Errors?

How to resolve API Errors?

The FYERS API Bridge connects you to our Trading API for functionality such as order placement, order management and trade management. API errors can be seen under the Error tab for easy management and resolution.

Refer a list of communication between FYERS API Bridge and Trading API:

  1.  Login & Authentication
    Your login credentials are not read/processed by Bridge. Usually, the Trading API invokes account login form in a browser. If the login fails for any reason, you will receive a Troubleshoot pop-up with API Specific details.

    After login, the API allows you to communicate during a “session”. This session automatically expires at the end of the trading day. This effectively means you need to log in every day to “start session”. The session may also expire if you log in to API from another device.

  2. Order Placement
    Order Placement is the most critical part. FYERS has specified limits w.r.t. order placement such as: margin limit, price band limit, trading symbol limit, time limits etc. The Trading API may give an error if the order is placed with wrong parameters. You can see rejection reason under OrderHistory and the error in Message window.

  3. Get Order Status
    NetPositions (and Signal Rules) can malfunction if proper Order Status is not received from Trading API. For example, if there is no information about the order is executed or not, the NetPosition cannot be updated. To resolve this error, you can check the Error tab for technical details to report us.

  4. Order Cancellation
    Order Cancellation based on Signal Rules will not work if the proper status is not returned by Trading API. To resolve this error, you can check the Error tab for technical details to report to us.

  5. Get Unrealized MTM
    MaxProfit and MaxLoss based on Symbol Settings will not work if Unrealized MTM is not received from Trading API. To resolve this error, you can check the Error tab for technical details to report to us.

If you have any specific query about API Error do write us to [email protected].

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