Setting Up GTT Orders in Fyers App

How to place a GTT order in Fyers App?

A Good Till Trigger (GTT) order provides a strategic way to manage stock price fluctuations by setting up specific triggers for buying or selling. At FYERS, there are multiple types of GTT orders you can place:

Single: This order lets you set a Stop-Loss or a Target. For instance, to set a stop-loss for your TATASTEEL holdings, simply follow the on-screen instructions as shown in the image below.

Once Cancels Other (OCO): This allows you to place both a stop-loss and a target order, which remains valid for one year. Simply input the trigger price and limit price for both the stop-loss and target. As an example, if holding 100 shares of TATASTEEL, to set a stop-loss at ₹100 and a target at ₹120, refer to the displayed image.

GTT Advanced: The 'Advanced' setting in the GTT OCO order lets you assign different quantities for stop-loss and targets. For instance, if you wish to place a stop loss at ₹100 for 50 Qty and set a target at ₹125 for your IOC holdings of 100 Qty, then the order window will be displayed as the image below.

  1. It's crucial to input both the price and the trigger price when placing the GTT order.
  2. The trigger price should be close to the Last Traded Price (LTP), and the set price is where you want the trade executed.

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