Placing a Bracket Order on Fyers Web

How to Place a Bracket Order on Fyers Web?

Bracket Order (BO) is an innovative intraday trading product that allows traders to place the main order alongside a simultaneous stop-loss and target order. This ensures efficient trading and minimizes risks. Placing a bracket order on the Fyers platform is straightforward:

Steps to place a Bracket Order:
  1. Access the Buy/Sell Panel: Navigate to the Buy/Sell panel on the Fyers Web.
  1. Select Order Type: Click on the 'Buy' option.
  1. Enable Bracket Order: Check the 'BO' box.
  1. Determine Order Preference: Choose your desired order type (e.g., Market or Limit).
  1. Input Stop-Loss: Designate a stop-loss amount to protect your position.
  1. Place the Order: Click on 'Buy' to submit your Bracket Order.
Post Order Execution:
  • Once executed, the active position will be displayed on the platform's chart.
  • Modify Stop-Loss: Adjust the stop-loss manually by dragging the 'Sell Stop' marker on the chart to a new price point.
  • Manual Close: To close the position prematurely, simply click the 'x' on the chart. This action squares off your position based on the market's prevailing rate.
Note: By default, Bracket Orders are set for intraday trading.

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