How to place a Bracket Order in FYERS 2.0 App?

How to place a Bracket Order in FYERS 2.0 App?

A bracket order is an intraday order which is one of the trending products in the capital markets. It helps you manage your risk and trade efficiently. You can place a bracket order in FYERS and keep a check on your trades on the charts effortlessly.

The procedure to place the bracket order is as follows:

1. Go to the scrip you wish to place an order in and click on the Buy or Sell button as highlighted below for the order panel to pop up:

2. Click on the Buy option of the Buy/Sell Panel > Tick the checkbox of the 'BO' option > Select the order type as per your preference > Enter the Stop loss > Click on Buy to place the order.

3. Your Bracket Order will be placed successfully.

You can trail the Stop Loss by modifying the stop-loss order or target order option on the chart itself. All you have to do is scroll up and click on the edit option in the 'Sell Stop' or ‘Sell Limit’ order to the price as per your requirement.

If you wish to manually close the position, you need to cancel the pending order. The position will be squared off at the prevailing market price.


  1. By default, BO is an Intraday order.
  2. Due to regulatory restrictions, the Bracket order has been disabled for the Options segment.

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