How to integrate FYERS API Bridge with C .NET?

How to integrate FYERS API Bridge with C# .NET?

Using C# .NET to Algo trade via FYERS API Bridge is extremely easy as you just need to send data on FYERS API Bridge socket and use all inbuilt libraries in FYERS API Bridge.

Check out the sample code as outlined below.

Connect("", "9", "LE","SBIN","L","","290","7","EQ","");.
//socket connection code (Function)-
    public void Connect(String server, String message)
                Int32 port = 30001;

                // Translate the passed message into ASCII and store it as a Byte array.
                Byte[] data = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(message);

                // Get a client stream for reading and writing.
                //  Stream stream = client.GetStream();
                TcpClient client = new TcpClient(server, port);
                NetworkStream stream = client.GetStream();

                // Send the message to the connected TcpServer. 
                stream.Write(data, 0, data.Length);

                //Console.WriteLine("Sent: {0}", message);

                // Receive the TcpServer.response.

                // Buffer to store the response bytes.
                //data = new Byte[256];

                // String to store the response ASCII representation.
                //String responseData = String.Empty;

                //// Read the first batch of the TcpServer response bytes.
                //Int32 bytes = stream.Read(data, 0, data.Length);
                //responseData = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(data, 0, bytes);
                //Console.WriteLine("Received: {0}", responseData);

                // Close everything.
            catch (ArgumentNullException e)
                Console.WriteLine("ArgumentNullException: {0}", e);
            catch (SocketException e)
                Console.WriteLine("SocketException: {0}", e);

            Console.WriteLine("\n Press Enter to continue...");
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