How to exit my order partially?

How to exit my order partially?

Once the order is placed and your desired P&L is attained, you can Exit/Square-off using the ‘x’ option on the chart as shown below:

However, if you want to partially exit the open position/s, the above-mentioned method doesn’t apply as the whole position will be closed. 

To exit the position/s partially, you must place a counter order and enter the quantity you want to exit at a particular time.

For Instance, Navneet has an Intraday Buy position of 100 qty in TCS and has an unrealized profit of ₹5,000. However, Navneet is further expecting the price to increase but she’s 

unwilling to take a higher risk and decides to partially exit her position (i.e., 50 qty). Therefore, she has to manually place a sell order in TCS by clicking the Sell option in the Order panel, enter the quantity as 50, and click on ‘Sell’.

Note: You cannot partially exit CO/BO orders.

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