How to check the Orders in Fyers Web?

How to check the Orders in Fyers Web?

Order book is a list of Buy and Sell orders placed by a trader or investor. It is the place where one can see all their pending, executed, and cancelled orders.

Fyers has designed an all in one order book which has a separate tab for each order status as pictured below:


Under dashboard you’ll see a tab called 'Orders' and under Orders there are different tabs of order status. Let’s understand each of them:

  • 'All' tab displays all types of orders under one tab (i.e., Working, Filled, Cancelled, and Rejected orders is shown under this tab).

  • 'Working' tab displays all the Pending orders.

  • 'Filled' tab displays all the Executed orders.

  • 'Cancelled' tab displays all the Cancelled orders (Cancelled either by the User or the Exchange).

  • 'Rejected' tab displays all the Rejected Orders (Rejected either by FYERS RMS or the Exchange).

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