Cancelling a Gift Transaction on FYERS

How to cancel my gift transaction?

If you've initiated a gift transaction and it hasn't been completed yet, you can cancel it while it's still pending. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Access My Account: Log into your 'My Account' and navigate to the ‘Gifts’ section.
  • Review the Status: Within the 'Status' tab, you’ll find a list of transactions. The status (e.g., 'Pending') for each transaction will be visible here.
  • Revoke the Pending Transaction: Identify the transaction you wish to cancel and click on ‘Revoke’ beside the pending transaction you intend to cancel.
  • Confirmation: Upon revocation, you'll receive a confirmation, and the transaction will be successfully cancelled.
  • Transaction Status: Remember, only transactions with a 'Pending' status are eligible for cancellation.
  • Prompt Action: It’s important to act quickly if you decide to cancel a gift transaction to ensure it is still in the pending stage.

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