Safety and Authenticity of Sharing Verified P&L on FYERS

How safe is my trading data when I share my verified P&L?

Absolutely safe! When you share your Verified P&L, only your FIRST name, selected trades, and the P&L for the specified date range will be displayed to the viewers. Rest assured, we value your privacy.

Refer to the example provided in the screenshot for clarity.

Points to be remembered:
  1. Be wary of Verified P&L screenshots on social platforms; they can be tampered with.
  2. A genuine Verified P&L link will be prefixed with "".
Note: Discrepancies in Verified P&L might arise due to:
  1. Unrealised P&L from pledged securities.
  2. P&L from holdings affected by corporate actions like BuyBack, Dividend, Merger, etc.
  3. Cash and exchange settlements labelled as 'X,' 'Z,' or 'C.'
  4. Equity buy average, determined via the FIFO method. For more details, refer to this article.
  5. P&L from shares transferred to your FYERS Demat from other accounts, whether from FYERS or other brokers.

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      Verified P&L stands for Verified Profit and Loss, which provides an authentic and precise reflection of your trading performance. This data is obtained directly from the 'My Account' section, ensuring its accuracy. It offers a unique feature where ...
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