Open Your FYERS Account Online in Just Minutes

What is the timeframe for online account Opening with FYERS?

The online account opening process at FYERS is expedient, taking approximately 10 minutes to fill out forms and e-sign with OTPs.

  1. Post-Submission Process: Following form submission, it takes us up to 5-6 working hours to verify your details and send you your account information.
  2. Trading Readiness: You will then be equipped to log in and commence trading or investing.
  3. Platform Familiarization: For new clients, there are several resources available:
  4. Tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel.
  5. A comprehensive support dashboard for queries.
  6. Personalized platform tutorials upon request.

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    • Is the account opening process at FYERS entirely online?

      Yes, the account opening procedure at FYERS is 100% online, offering a seamless and paperless experience. Here’s what you should know: Digital Form Signing: Our online account opening system allows you to digitally sign application forms using ...
    • How can i get assistance when opening an account online at FYERS?

      Opening an account with FYERS is a straightforward online process, and assistance is readily available. Here's how you can request help: Provide Contact Information: Visit our 'Sign Up' page, enter your email and mobile number, and click on 'Create ...
    • Can I open Demat account online at FYERS?

      Yes! If you are new to FYERS and want to open a Trading+Demat account, you can open an account online here. The Demat account opening process for existing clients is also completely online. For more details, read this article.
    • How to initiate an NRI account opening with FYERS?

      If you're looking to open an NRI account with FYERS, here are the steps you can follow to get in touch with our team: Online Request: Complete the online registration by clicking here and providing your details. This will trigger a callback from our ...
    • Can I arrange a pickup of my account opening documents?

      At FYERS, the account opening process is designed to be completely online and seamless, eliminating the need for physical documents. Therefore, we do not offer a document pickup service for account opening. Here's how you can proceed: Online Account ...