How much is the minimum amount required to invest in a theme?

How much is the minimum amount required to invest in a theme?

The minimum investment amount will be the value of the smallest theme on the platform. You can invest any amount higher than that. Also, there is no upside limit to the amount you can invest per theme. You can also re-adjust the weightages and stocks to suit your needs.
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    • What is Margin Required?

      Margin required is the amount of funds you're required to maintain to place a particular order. The order will not be placed if your available fund is less than the required margin. Note: 1. The required margin is subject to change if you're placing ...
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    • Can I invest in a theme at anytime during the day?

      You can invest during the stock market hours between 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM on normal working days. You will not be able to invest in themes after the market closes for the day.
    • Will the buy average price of stocks be the same as confirmed while buying the theme?

      When you submit the buy orders to invest in a theme, there is always a likelihood that stock prices have changed by the time your orders are completed successfully. Upon submitting the confirmation to invest, market orders are placed for each stock ...
    • Will my returns be exactly the same as shown in the theme pages?

      No, it may not be. This is because the weightage cannot be exactly the same due to the differing value of various stocks in a theme. This is a determining factor why your returns cannot be exactly the same as the return mentioned in the platform. ...