Unpledging Securities at FYERS

How long does it take to unpledge holdings at FYERS?

When you decide to unpledge your securities with FYERS, the process is straightforward. If you submit your request before 3:30 PM on a trading day, your securities will be unpledged and will reflect under the 'Holdings' section by the next trading day. However, do note, requests placed after 3:30 PM will be processed only on the subsequent trading day. Ensure you don't have any open positions utilizing the pledged margin before placing your request.

  1. Unpledge request will be processed only to the extent of unutilized pledged margin.
  2. The unpledge request will be rejected if you’ve any open positions and the pledged margin is used for the same. You’ll need to infuse the required funds or square-off such positions before placing the unpledge request.

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