Handling Increased Margin Requirements

How do I respond to an increased margin requirement?

Should the margin requirement rise, it becomes imperative for investors to allocate additional funds for their open positions. Failure to do so may result in the position being squared off.
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    • How is the margin for buying and selling options determined in the stock market?

      For buying either calls or puts, the margin requirement is equivalent to the premium. Margin for buying options = Premium x Total Quantity The option seller, facing a higher risk, has an increased margin requirement. The exchange determines this ...
    • Can futures contract margin requirements vary?

      Yes, due to price volatility fluctuations, margin requirements can change. For real-time margin details, please refer to our Margin Calculator.
    • What is a Daily Margin Statement?

      A daily margin statement provides insight into a client's margin status. As mandated by exchange regulations, we dispatch this statement to each client's registered email. This report adheres to the format laid down by SEBI (Securities and Exchange ...
    • How do I determine the margin blocked for futures trading?

      The margin blocked is contingent on the specific scrip. For detailed information on particular scrips, you can check the margin requirements in our Margin Calculator.
    • What to do in case of a margin shortfall at FYERS?

      If you encounter a margin shortfall while trading futures at FYERS, you should promptly deposit funds to cover the gap. This action will help you meet the minimum margin requirements and maintain your positions. Steps to take: Check Margin ...