How do I Dematerialize the Equity Share Certificates in Fyers?

How do I dematerialize the equity share certificates in FYERS?

Dematerialization is a process of converting Physical Certificates of Shares to a computerized or electronic format that can be held in your Demat.

You can download the Dematerialization Request Forms here.

Dematerialization Request Procedure is as below:

  • The client has to fill in the DP ID.
  • The name should be mentioned in the form as per the Demat A/c.
  • The client has to sign in 2 columns (Mandatory)
       1. Signature as per DP
       2. Signature as per RTA
  • Along with 2 Copies of the duly filled Dematerialization Form, submit 1 self-attested PAN card copy and a self-attested physical certificate for equity.

The client has to fill in the details i.e., Name of the holder, Quantity, Script name, Folio number, Certificate number, Distinctive number, etc.

After completion of the above procedure, send the duly filled document to the following address:

FYERS Securities Private Limited
901 and 902, 9th Floor,
A Wing, Brigade Magnum,
Amruthahalli, Kodigehalli Gate,
Hebbal, Bangalore - 560092

Note: The applicable charges for Dematerialization is ₹0 per certificate.

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