Easy Guide to Adding Notes in Fyers Journal on App, EA, and Web

How do I add notes to my Fyers Journal?

Adding notes to your Fyers Journal is straightforward and can be done through multiple platforms:
  1. To add notes to a specific trading day or trades, log in to Fyers Journal or access Journal via My Account by clicking on 'Journal' in the sidebar.
  2. The default view is 'Year view'. Click on the desired date.
  3. Click on 'Add notes' and select the trades to which you want to attach the notes.
  4. Provide a title, tag, and description for the note.
  5. You can attach up to three images in JPEG, PNG, JPG, HEIF or PDF formats (Max. 5 MB per upload).
  6. After completing your note, click on 'Submit' to add it successfully.