How do I register for the CDSL Easiest services?

How do I register for the CDSL Easiest services?

You can opt for CDSL's easiest services with FYERS. The procedure to do so is as below:

Go to CDSL website, enter your BO ID & DP ID (refer to this article), and tick the box of terms & conditions (after reading) as shown in the image below:

You're required to enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on 'Continue.'

Enter your preferred details such as username (alphanumerical), security question, answer, tick the box ‘Trusted Account (Pin)’, and Click on ‘Continue’.

The registration will be complete as shown in the image below:

You’re now required to enter the 16 digit Demat account number of the 'Trusted Account', authorize the ID with OTP, and click on Continue.

The Mapping request will be successfully sent to CDSL:

Do not make any changes on this page. Just click on Continue.

The registration will be successfully completed and submitted for Authorization to Fyers.

Once the Authorization is done from our end, you’ll be able to initiate the procedure for Buyback, Transfer of shares, etc.

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