How to Easily Modify Your Buyback Order on FYERS

How can I modify my Buyback order?

Certainly, modifying a Buyback order on FYERS is permitted and can be done with ease, as long as the order has not yet been executed and is in 'Pending' status.

Steps to Modify a Buyback Order:
  1. Go to Your Order Book: Log in to 'My Account' and navigate to the Buyback order book and hover your cursor over the Buyback order you're looking to modify.

  1. Modify as required: Click on the 'Edit' option that appears alongside your selected order and alter the Bid Quantity. After making the necessary adjustments, click 'Submit' to apply the changes.

  1. Confirmation: Your Buyback order will now be updated with the new details, which can be confirmed in your order book.


  • The ability to modify an order is only available when the order status is 'Pending'.
  • Once an order has been executed, no changes can be made.