How can I invest in Mutual Funds with FYERS?

How can I invest in Mutual Funds with FYERS?

You can invest in Direct Mutual Funds in our exclusive mutual fund platform of Fyers Direct at Zero Commissions. The investments can be in Lumpsum or Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). The procedure to Buy Mutual Funds is as follows:

  1. Login to Fyers Direct (If you’ve already logged in to FYERS Web, then you’ll automatically be logged in)

  2. Explore the different mutual funds available from the ‘Explore’ option

  3. Select the mutual fund you wish to Buy and Click on it.

  4. Select ‘Lumpsum’ for one-time investment and ‘Start SIP’ for investing a fixed amount at regular intervals

  5. Once the required details such as amount, frequency (SIP), bank (SIP), etc., are entered, place the order.

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