Cancelling an SME IPO Application on FYERS

How can I cancel my SME IPO application?

If you wish to cancel your SME IPO application, simply adhere to these instructions:
  1. Log into the FYERS IPO Portal: Enter the portal by logging in.
  2. Proceed to Orders: Locate your list of active IPO orders.
  3. Choose to Cancel: Select the 'Cancel' option next to the IPO application you want to withdraw.
  4. Confirm Cancellation: Finalize your decision to cancel the application.

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      Modifying an SME IPO application is simple and can be done by following these steps: Log into the Fyers IPO Portal: Access the portal with your credentials. Navigate to Orders: Here, you'll find your active orders. Select 'Modify': Click on this ...
    • How can I apply for an SME IPO in FYERS?

      Investing in an SME IPO with FYERS is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps: Log into the FYERS IPO Portal: Directly access this through FYERS Web if you're already logged in. Identify the SME IPO: Look for the desired SME IPO and click ...
    • Are there any charges for modifying or canceling my SME IPO application on FYERS?

      There are no fees charged by FYERS for modifying or cancelling an SME IPO application. However, for the detailed chargeslist, visit here.
    • What is an SME IPO?

      An SME IPO is an avenue for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to garner funds by offering shares to the public via a specialized SME platform on stock exchanges. This empowers these smaller enterprises to tap into the financial markets for capital ...
    • What is the maximum and minimum amount I need to apply for an SME IPO?

      When applying for an SME IPO, the minimum investment amount is set based on the company's price band and the designated lot size, typically amounting to over ₹1 Lakh. The maximum cap for investment in an SME IPO is set at ₹5 Lakh. It's important to ...