How can I apply for IPO using FYERS Demat account?

How can I apply for IPO using FYERS Demat account?

You can apply for ongoing IPOs using FYERS Demat account through our IPO Portal (UPI) or any Netbanking using ASBA mechanism.

Kindly remember that an IPO can be placed directly through the FYERS IPO Portal using UPI ASBA. For more details on how to apply for an IPO through our IPO Portal and how it is different from Netbanking ASBA, you can refer to this blog.

You can also apply through your bank that provides you with Netbanking ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) facility. When you apply through ASBA facility, funds equivalent to your bid are blocked in your bank account for the IPO. The funds will be debited on a successful allotment of shares.

The below process is for applying for IPOs through Netbanking ASBA services:

  • Steps to apply for IPO online:
  1. Log-in to your online Net-banking portal.

  2. Generally, you will find the option to apply for an IPO in the Investments/Demat section.

  3. Fill out the FYERS Demat account details as mentioned in the My Account portal (under manage account) with bank account details to complete the process.

  4. On the successful verification, you will be led to select the IPO to invest in.
  5. Upon selection, enter the “Number of shares” and the “Bid Price”.

  6. You will receive the confirmation to your registered details on your bid is successfully confirmed by your bank.

For more information, you can get in touch with the Support or contact your bank for a detailed process at their end.

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