Do themes purchased through FYERS Thematic platform reflect in the Demat account?

Do themes purchased through FYERS Thematic platform reflect in the Demat account?

Yes, themes bought through our thematic investing platform will reflect in your demat account. You can check your demat holdings to get a consolidated list of all your delivery investments purchased across all platforms on FYERS. The exact theme-wise investment view of holdings are available on the Thematic platform.
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    • Who can invest using Thematic Investing?

      Anyone who has a Demat account with us is eligible for thematic investments. Our platform can be used by new and experienced investors alike. It allows you to choose from intelligently designed portfolios of stocks. You can get exposure to different ...
    • What happens if the orders placed are not completely filled for themes?

      In the event that orders are not filled due to any issues, you can place fresh orders for those orders which have failed through the thematic platform. Some reasons why orders can fail are as below: Equity delivery segment not yet enabled / Demat ...
    • Do I need a Demat account for Thematic Investing?

      Yes, you do need a Demat account to take delivery and hold equity investments overnight. Kindly note that you cannot take delivery if you have linked another Demat account with a third party DP. For more information, you can read this article.
    • What is Thematic Investing?

      Thematic investing allows you to invest in different themes or portfolios without getting into the stock specifics. Since people think more in terms of ideas than fundamental facts on stocks, this mechanism nurtures that aspect and helps you get ...
    • How to integrate FYERS API Bridge with MT4/MT5 platform?

      FYERS API Bridge can be integrated with MT4/MT5 platform to send signals. Step 1 – Copy and paste chart trader.mqh, chart trader.ex4 in expert folder path -open MT4->FILES-> open data folder->MQL4->Experts Step 2– Copy and paste Algotrading.mqh in ...