Do After Market Orders have to be limit orders (AMO)?

Do After Market Orders have to be limit orders (AMO)?

No! After market orders need not be limit orders. You can place 'Market' Orders in AMO.

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    • What are After Market Orders (AMO)?

      After Market Orders (AMO) are placed in the system after the markets are closed for the day. AMO will be executed on the next trading day as per the order type and price mentioned.
    • Can I place market orders in commodities options?

      No, you will not be able to place market orders in the MCX Options segment. In India, commodities derivatives (Especially Options) are traded in very low volumes and most of them are illiquid ones. The availability of Market orders in these options ...
    • If the market hits a circuit breaker, what happens to my existing orders & positions?

      In simple words, a circuit breaker is a limit imposed on stocks or index to trade within the defined range. If this range is violated then that stock or index (In case of Index, trading will be halted on both indices) will come under circuit breaker ...
    • What is the effect of a market order?

      Market orders usually get executed immediately at the best prevailing prices in the market. The investor will not know the exact price at which the order will get executed while placing the order. For instance, let’s assume that the LTP of ABC stock ...
    • What is stop-limit or trigger-limit order?

      A stop-limit order is a conditional order placed at a specific price with a range. It is an extension of the stop/trigger order where buy orders are placed above the market price and sell orders are placed below the market price. But unlike a stop ...