Can I place Basket Orders through FYERS API?

Can I place Basket Orders through FYERS API?

Yes, you can place basket orders through FYERS API. You can place up to 10 orders in 1 API call. These orders will be placed sequentially and the response of all the orders will be provided to you as a response in the same order.

You can refer to the API Docs.

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      Yes, you can place all the types of Orders/Product available on our platform. For more information check out API Documentation.
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      If you are building a trading/investing platform, FYERS API will solve the execution piece by enabling users to place orders and trade through us. You can also use the APIs to enable trading strategies with execution, manage portfolios and more. ...
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      FYERS API Bridge is a lightweight and easy to use portable application. It can be integrated with the FYERS order management engine through our Trading API to place orders or requests from the front-end charting/Algo platform. For more information, ...
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      We're constantly evolving to offer you the best trading experience. That's why we've introduced Fyers Next, our newest desktop terminal, packed with a plethora of advanced features. This has led us to discontinue order placement on Fyers One, ...