Can I open a joint account with FYERS?

Can I open a joint account with FYERS?

Yes, you can open a joint account in FYERS and the procedure to do so is similar to that of the individual account. However, the procedure is offline. 

Points to be remembered:
1. Download the Account Opening form and take a printout of the same
2. Fill in the required details along with the documents and signatures of all the holders is mandatory
3. Signatures of all the holders are mandatory on the bank statement.

Documents required:
1. PAN card copy
2. Aadhaar card copy
3. 6 months Bank statement copy (It must be a joint account)
4. Photographs of all the holders

All the duly filled and signed documents are to be couriered to the address below:

FYERS Securities Private Limited
No.225, 14th Cross Rd,
1st Block, RT Nagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560032

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