Can I convert Intraday to CNC?

Can I convert Intraday to CNC?

Yes, You can convert your Intraday Position to CNC as per your requirement.

The procedure to convert is as below:
  1. The below image under Dashboard shows that the position is in Intraday. You’ll find a scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Scroll it to the right.

  1. You’ll be able to see an option of ‘Convert’, click on it.

  1. You’ll get a pop-up with details; click on Submit after going through the same.

  1. Your position will be converted successfully with the below message:


  1. You need to have sufficient margins to convert Intraday to CNC/Margin position.

  2. The Procedure is similar for converting an F&O position from Intraday to Margin.

  3. CO/BO cannot be converted to CNC/Margin as they’re by default Intraday Orders.

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