How to Cancel Your Buyback Order on FYERS

Can I cancel my Buyback order on FYERS?

Yes, you can cancel a Buyback order on FYERS provided it has not been executed. It's important to note that the cancellation is only possible if the order's status is still 'Pending.'

Steps for Cancelling a Buyback Order:
  1. Access Your Order Book: First, log in to 'My Account' and go to your Buyback order book and hover over the order you wish to cancel, two options will appear.

  1. Initiate Cancellation: Click on the 'Delete' option to initiate the cancellation process. A prompt will ask for confirmation. Click on 'Confirm' to proceed with the cancellation.

  1. Cancellation Complete: Your Buyback order will now be cancelled, given it was in 'Pending' status.
  • Cancellation is only possible for orders with 'Pending' status. If the order has been executed, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Ensure to cancel before the order gets processed to avoid any unwanted transactions.

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