applying for IPOs with FYERS NRI Account - A Guide for NRIs

Can NRIs apply for IPOs through the FYERS account?

Indeed, NRIs have the option to apply for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) using their FYERS Demat account, specifically by linking their NRO Non-PIS (Non-Portfolio Investment Scheme) account. This particular account streamlines the application process as it doesn't necessitate additional compliances that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) requires for other types of NRI accounts.

While linking other types of NRI accounts may offer the possibility to apply for IPOs, the ability to invest is at the discretion of the issuing company. Many issuer companies choose not to permit NRIs to invest due to the more stringent compliance requirements.
For a smooth start and to apply for IPOs with ease, you can begin the NRI account opening process with FYERS by entering your details here.

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