Change in Futures Contract Margin Requirements

Can futures contract margin requirements vary?

Yes, due to price volatility fluctuations, margin requirements can change. For real-time margin details, please refer to our Margin Calculator.

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    • How do leverage levels vary for Intraday Futures across different stocks?

      The leverage available for Futures contracts of different scrips can vary depending on several factors, including the contract's value, market liquidity, and volatility. These factors influence the margin requirements set by the exchange and, ...
    • What is a futures contract?

      A futures contract is a standardised agreement made between two parties. It stipulates buying or selling an asset – be it Stocks, Indices, Currencies or Commodities – at a predetermined future date and price. Since the two contracting parties may not ...
    • How do I determine the margin blocked for futures trading?

      The margin blocked is contingent on the specific scrip. For detailed information on particular scrips, you can check the margin requirements in our Margin Calculator.
    • Can I short futures contracts without owning the underlying shares?

      Absolutely. With FYERS, you can short futures contracts without the need to hold the underlying shares. This is because futures contracts are settled in cash, eliminating the requirement for physical possession of the securities in your Demat ...
    • How does futures trading work?

      Futures trading involves committing to a contract where you agree to purchase or sell an underlying asset at a pre-agreed price on a specified future date. When you enter into a futures contract, you're required to pay a 'margin', which is a fraction ...