Are there any risks involved in investing in mutual funds?

Are there any risks involved in investing in mutual funds?

Mutual funds invest in various financial securities such as shares, debentures and deposits. All these investments involve an element of risk, hence the returns of the mutual fund are linked to their performance.
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    • Is there any mobile application to invest in Mutual Funds?

      Currently, there is no application through which you can invest in Mutual Funds through Fyers. However, you can go to on your mobile browser, login through your Fyers Credentials, and place any order you wish. Note: The mobile ...
    • What are charges applicable for Mutual Funds?

      You can buy Direct Mutual Funds at Fyers for FREE. However, on selling your Mutual Fund holdings, DP charges of ₹12.5+GST will be levied. We do not levy additional charges other than the DP charges mentioned above. For the details on the expense ...
    • Can I buy Mutual Funds and pledge to get collateral?

      ​Yes, you can invest in Mutual Funds and pledge them to get additional margins to trade in the F&O Segment. However, not all mutual funds are accepted for pledge. For the list of Securities and Mutual Funds that are available for the pledge, click ...
    • Can Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) invest in mutual funds?

      Yes, non-resident Indians can also invest in mutual funds. Necessary details in this respect are given in the offer documents of the schemes. For further details, contact our support team.
    • What are the timings of mutual funds for placing orders?

      The timings for Mutual funds are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The orders placed before 2:30 PM will be processed on the same day and the orders placed after 2:30 PM will be processed on the next Trading Day.  Note: Once the order is confirmed, it will ...